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The ancient power of acupuncture, used for the modern age

Dating back more than 2,000 years, acupuncture is one of the world’s most enduring health care approaches. It may be used for prevention, as well as to support the treatment of a broad range of conditions.

So, how does it work? Fine disposable filament needles are inserted at specific points in the skin known to hold concentrations of energy. This energy, traditionally referred to as Qi, flows through the body via channels known as meridians. If these meridians become blocked, illness and pain may result. Acupuncture works to unblock these channels, stimulating and restoring energy flow and bringing about internal harmony.


Healing and pain relief

Blood will naturally flow towards any point at which a needle is inserted. This allows us to target areas that require blood flow to assist in managing pain or other symptoms. The oxygen, nutrients, immune cells and natural painkillers found in the blood support the healing process, simultaneously addressing both the underlying problem and the symptoms.


Lack of blood flow may negatively impact the health of body tissue, leading to long-term deterioration. Regular acupuncture is a tried and tested means of protection against disease, while also maintaining energy levels and general wellbeing.[1]


Because blood transports ‘feel-good’ hormones around the body, increasing the flow of blood to a particular area may cause muscles to relax and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Prepare to feel calm and refreshed!

A typical acupuncture session might involve eight minutes of needle activity, followed by 20 to 30 minutes of relaxation, complemented by music, incense, calming essential oils and guided meditation.

Pediatric Acupuncture

The benefits of acupuncture for treating sleep [2], digestive [3] and emotional difficulties [4] in adults are widely-known and accepted [1]. But what about children? Many clients are surprised to learn that we offer non-invasive treatment for kids involving laser acupuncture, or the Japanese technique traditionally known as Shonishin.

Shonishin uses a range of small tools to stroke or press specific points on the body, with the aim of restoring and stimulating natural healing mechanisms. It is a painless technique, similar to a massage, that may generate the occasional tickle as opposed to any pain or discomfort.

This method should be considered as an extra tool for any parent’s tool kit. Our caring and gentle approach to this non-confronting procedure serves not only to relax your child, but also to ensure they actually enjoy the experience!

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Restore facial balance and vitality, and enjoy a new healthy glow! A gentle alternative to more invasive techniques, cosmetic acupuncture works to improve the condition and appearance of facial skin. By applying needles to various points of the body, the underlying causes of puffy eyes, fine lines and sagging skin may be addressed. This approach may also help with the reduction of acne, softening of scarring, balancing of pigmentation, and transformation of dull and dry skin.

The Dana Point of Difference

By understanding the important roles both Eastern and Western medicines can play in modern day health care, we are in the strongest position to develop strategies that will optimise all aspects of your wellbeing

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