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Support for parents at every stage of the fertility, IVF and pregnancy journey

‘Preparing the soil before planting the seed’ is a fundamental belief held by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At Liforce we have the distinct skills and necessary sensitivity to support both male and female parents before, during and after pregnancy. Our focus on fertility, IVF and the experience of pregnancy is not merely limited to physical and herbal treatments. We are also dedicated to the provision of emotional support, either to individuals or couples, during what may often be one of life’s most testing times.

Natural Conception

For couples trying and struggling to conceive, stress may often be a critical factor. Ongoing feelings of stress may trigger the release of hormones and chemicals in the body that negatively impact a women’s fertility, and may lead to reduced sperm count and quality in men. The calming effect of acupuncture may therefore support natural conception by reducing stress, and thus its impact on the body and fertility. [5]

Acupuncture & IVF

Acupuncture may yield crucial benefits throughout the IVF process. For men, it may improve sperm count and quality [6]. For women, we recommend consistent treatments during the two to three months prior to entering an IVF cycle. It is at this stage that acupuncture provides optimal benefits, and an excellent base to build on for subsequent pre and post-transfer sessions. [7]

Pre-Labour Treatments

In the latter stages of pregnancy, acupuncture may be used for a variety of outcomes. By undertaking regular sessions from the 36-week mark, a pregnant woman may experience improved blood circulation to the specific areas required, relaxed pelvic and cervical muscles in preparation for labour, and a more rapid replenishment of any blood lost during birth itself. And another little known fact? Acupuncture may actually be used to help induce labour if your new arrival is running late! [8]

Post-Partum Treatments

After giving birth, maintaining the wellbeing of both mother and baby remains paramount. In our experience acupuncture and Chinese herbs may boost energy levels, reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and increase the nutritional value of breast milk.

Women’s health and menstrual disorders

At any stage of life, women tend to face a unique set of health challenges. Our experience in this area and our natural approaches may play a vital role in managing a vast array of female health issues.

The menstrual cycle in particular may cause physical and emotional discomfort for women of all ages. Acupuncture may be employed to reduce period pain and heaviness, as well as irritability and fatigue, irregularity, Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis. [9]

Beyond the menstrual years, menopause may bring a whole new set of challenges. From hot flushes to mood swings and weight fluctuations, the support of a caring acupuncture practitioner may make a vital difference to every aspect of your wellbeing during this period of adjustment.

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